4 Week Program

AFT Dog Training / 4 Week Program



Cost: $4,600 Course Length: 4 weeks


This program includes nearly all the training commands from our 3 week program, but mainly focuses on the behaviors for dogs who struggle with dog and/or human aggression issues. If your dog has a bite history or you have tried other training for behavioral issues, this is the program for you!

Our Board and Train program is like a ‘mental reset’ button for your dog. This program allows us to take the dog out of their normal environment and teach them through structure, boundaries, and relationship building. While the 4 week Board and Train is customize to your dog’s specific needs, we begin by teaching/refreshing all their basic commands, teaching impulse control and boundaries, conditioning a walking tool, teaching and practicing leash manners. With a basic foundation, we are able to teach calm behavior, structure, and problem solving. We phase out the need for treats, creating reliability and accountability when performing commands. Towards the end of the program, we take the dog off property and proof their new knowledge in real world situations: Neighborhoods, pet stores, retail stores, outdoor restaurants.
At the end of the program, during pick up, we will go over all the tools, commands, and structure needed to continue your dog’s success at home. This process usually takes between 2-3 hours. We also include an easy to follow 90day program in which we outline what is expected in the first 3 months back home. Please remember if there are behavior issues we are addressing, that this can affect some of the basic commands learned. For instance, if your dog has a bite or nip history, then we may not focus so much on the Sit command, and focus on addressing the behavior issue instead.

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Great for dogs who:

Are People Aggressive

Are Dog Aggressive

Need more structure and boundaries


Place, Sit, Down, and Come Commands



Remote communication

Proper Manners

Age: 6 Months

Requires: Up to date Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, & Bordetella vaccines

Includes: Mini-Educator Collar ($200 Value), Place Mat ($40-$70 Value), Herm Sprenger/K9Lifeline Lead ($40-$70 Value), Martingale Collar ($20 Value)

Program Length: 4 Weeks

Price: $4600

Payment is due on or before drop off. No Refunds.

FREE Complimentary Basic Obedience Hybrid E-Collar Basics Class included with every 3 & 4 Week Board and Train Program

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