Day Care – Limited and Exclusive Scheduled Play

AFT Dog Training / Day Care – Limited and Exclusive Scheduled Play



Let your pup balance relaxing alone-time with running and small-group play in up-to 11acres of fenced in yard!

Daycare dogs receive constant attention from our well-trained staff, and playing fetch, petting, love, and lunch are always free! For exuberant pups, we can run your dog on a treadmill for more exercise. Our daycare and socials are very structured. We will be using dog training tools such as remote collar and farming tools such as crop sticks to ensure all play is safe and fun. This is an excellent opportunity for dogs still working on their social skills.

We will try our best to provide you with photos or video of your dog during the day on our Facebook Community Page or Business Page.

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Over 11 Acres of Fenced-In Play

Free Lunch

Live Photos/Videos

Extra-Exercise Treadmill

Fetch Games

Monitored, Small-Group Play

Petting and Love

Social Skills Work

Price: $35/Day


Additional Meals: Included

Administrated Medication: Included

Bathing: See Below

Basic Bubble Bath

Shampoo, blow dry, Light brush-out

Small: $15

Medium: $17

Large: $19

Extra Large: $25

Deluxe Bath

Shampoo, Blow dry, Medium Brush out, Ears, Nails

Small: $28

Medium: $32

Large: $39

Extra Large: $45

Requires: UTD Bordatella, Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, Flea & Tick Prevention

Times: 10 AM - 1 PM

Drop off and pick up times MUST be scheduled ahead of time.

Your dog must Come when called.
There will be a $1/minute charge for dogs who must be caught and returned, and future daycare.

This is FARMLAND, not turf. To ensure a clean, dog, please see Bathing add-on options.

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