Basic Obedience Hybrid E-Collar Class

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Basic Obedience Hybrid E-Collar Class

For dogs ages 6 months & up; Course Length- 6 weeks (6 Sessions)

***We include the items necessary to raise and train your dog for this class. We take our training seriously and that is another aspect on what absolutely makes our training stand out and one of the best in the area.***

This group class is designed to take the next training step with your dog. We properly introduce and condition different walking tools available for you to use. We teach and reinforce name, sit, down, stay, leave it, thresholds, heel, recall, and introduce a release command. We also touch on problem solving common behavioral issues such as: jumping, nipping, and barking. We discuss the importance of structure in the home.

This group class is suited for owners who would like a better relationship with their dog and would like better compliance with basic commands.

Due to the public’s demand to also include an E-Collar option in this class, we have listened and we have included that option. Due to the public and attendees loving how easy and less aversive the E-Collar (TENS/EMS unit attached to a collar) is, typically this is the choice participants go. However, it is not FORCED on to the participants, where as other training programs will FORCE you to only use a harness and a clicker. Many of the participants in this class already wasted their time and money in that type of training class and are in this class as well to learn how to properly train their dog.

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Great for dogs who:

Need to learn basic commands

Struggle with common behavior issues i.e. jumping, nipping

Need leash manners

Struggle to focus around distractions

Need more experience with commands at a distance


How to Sit, Down, Come, and more...

How to Come When Called

The 'Enough' Command

The 'No' Command


Age: 6 Months

Session Length: 60 min to 75 min each session

# of Sessions: 6

Price: $650 (includes walking tool, professional treat bag & cot) if E-Collar option selected then additional $250 *higher end accessories not included

Payment is due on or by the 1st class. No Refunds after 1st class.


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