Remote Collar Basics

AFT Dog Training / Remote Collar Basics



Cost: $800  Course Length: 4 Weeks

This group class is designed to teach owners how to properly incorporate a Garmin, Dogtra, or Mini Educator remote collar system into their dog’s commands to ensure reliability and the potential for off leash freedom. We teach how to layer in remote communication on very low levels. While we do talk about how to correct specific behaviors during this class, we do not punish or correct with the e-collar.
This group class is best suited for owners who want to continue to advance their dog’s skills and their reliability with commands.

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Great for dogs who:

Need added structure

Want to begin off leash freedom and long distance commands


A Place command

As an owner, you will learn the functions of the remote collar system

Calm behavior

Requires: Basic Obedience 1 Class OR Board & Train Program

Requires: Up to date Rabies & Parvo/distemper vaccines

Includes: Mini-Educator Collar

Session Length: 1 hour

# of Sessions: 4

Price: $800

Payment is due on or by the 1st class. No Refunds after 1st class.


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