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AFT Dog Training / Private Session



Private sessions are a great opportunity to work one on one with a trainer.

*Our Private Sessions include the items needed to properly train and raise your dog/puppy.*


These sessions are designed to meet individual needs of owner and dog. Each private session package is customized to specific needs or issues. We deal with a wide array of behaviors from varying types of aggression (food, people, other animals) through fearful behaviors. We will help you build up your dog’s  confidence and teach clear boundaries and communication. Private sessions are also a great choice for owners who want to make their dog’s basic obedience commands more reliable to enjoy more freedom and activities with their canine companion.

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Great for dogs who:

Need that extra attention

Struggle to mantain obedience

Fear or aggression issues

Need to learn structure

Struggle with boundaries


Sit, Down, Recall, and Place Commands

Proper leash manners and leash handling skills

How to effectively and reliably communicate with your dog

Consistent structure and boundaries

Requires: Up to date Rabies, Parvo/distemper vaccines

Age: 6 Months

Session Length: 1 hour

# of Sessions: 6 or 8

Price: $1300 6 sessions

Price: $1500 8 sessions

Payment is due on or by the 1st class. No Refunds after 1st class.

Training tools are included with session packages!

Depending on the needs of your dog, your time constraints and efforts between sessions, will play a role in the outcome of this program. Your dog may struggle with behavior issues or may have been to other training programs before coming here, that contributed to your dog’s unwanted behaviors, which we see on a daily basis. So please keep this in mind and take into consideration the behavior issues we will address, and the commands we will teach in this time frame.


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