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Hello! My name is Anthony Schwickrath, owner and head trainer at AFT Dog Training and in the past served as Vice President & Treasurer of The Center for Animal Health & Welfare from 2012 to 2020 (formerly the Northampton County SPCA). My lovely wife, Jessica, and I have together since we were 14 years old. With 3 children and 7 adopted dogs, I know first hand how important it is to have positive relationships between pets and people.

Growing up, my father always had a large range of pets; lizards, turtles, ducks, crows, snakes, cats, dogs, and even a pet monkey. At one time, we had as many as 16 dogs in the house struggling to get along. This was before the Cesar Millan era, and we were at our wits end with what to do to correct these major issues. This became the foundation of my love for dog training. By changing our unstructured habits and becoming better leaders towards our dogs, we were able to overcome behavior issues and maintain positive relationships between our pets and our family.

Shortly after this time, my beautiful wife graduated from Kean University and began volunteering at our local animal shelter. Quickly promoted to Canine Manager, we both realized our true passion was working with dogs. By 2006, we began to fulfill our dream of owning our own dog day care. After completing my dog training certification from Animal Behavior College along with hundreds of hours of hands-on experience, I decided to start offering training services outside of the day care facility, and AFT Dog Training was born.

I love working with all dogs and behaviors, but I still am especially drawn to rehabilitating aggressive dogs. It is my hope that through rehabilitation, fewer dogs will end up in shelters and more dogs will be taken from shelters and put in loving, positive environments. I look forward to meeting you and your furry best friend!

AFT Dog Training strives to help you have the best relationship with your dog through incorporating science-backed training methods that create a lasting, loving future for you, your family, and your pet


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Steven Todd

Site Manager/Head Dog Trainer, Specializing in Aggressive Dogs

I have been working with dogs for almost 20 years. My wife and I have 2 boys and currently have 4 rescued dogs. Growing up my family always had dogs and my father spent a lot of time ensuring they were well trained. After getting married, my wife and I decided to purchase our first dog, a German Shepherd, and set out to find a reputable breeder. Meeting the breeder, Randy Kromer, created a new passion for me. We were already participating in the basic obedience trainings when Randy invited me to attend a Schutzhund training session. I was hooked, and began helping train other dogs at Schutzhund club, police dogs, and private K9 security dogs. I am excited to be a part of the AFT dog training team and am looking forward to helping people have the best relationship possible with their dogs.


Dog Trainer

Since the time I can remember I’ve always had such a love for animals. I have never lived in a house without at least 1 dog. When I was 18 years old I adopted a troubled dog, and immediately knew what I wanted to do for my career. I continued to work with my rescue dog and helped her learn how to properly behave on a leash, play fetch, and trust humans. I went through AFT dog training academy and, upon completion, took on a dog trainer position at AFT. I couldn’t be happier doing what I love and learning something new every day. I love seeing a dog transform into the best dog they can be, helping their owners understand them and helping you communicate with your dog the best way possible!


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