Puppy 12+ Weeks – 5 Months

AFT Dog Training / Puppy 12+ Weeks – 5 Months



Designed for ages 12 weeks-5 months; Course length-5 weeks

***We include the items necessary to raise and train your puppy for this class. We take our training seriously and that is another aspect on what absolutely makes our training stand out and one of the best in the area.***

Our Puppy Basics group course is a fun and the best class available in this area for you and your puppy! Our Puppy course goes over everything from household structure to 100ft, 200ft, 300ft Down and Come commands. Our own Professor Dogs play a role in guiding your dogs into being the best dogs they can be during this crucial puppy time frame. Compared to the other Puppy courses in the area, there is nothing that comes close to what we teach in this class.

This group class is designed to help owner and puppy have a great, enjoyable start to a lasting relationship. This class will lay out a great foundation for the rest of your puppy’s training in their future. We begin luring all basic commands such as: name, sit, down, stay, drop it, heel, and recall. We also spend time problem solving common puppy behaviors such as: jumping, barking, and nipping. We talk about the importance of touch desensitization, confidence building, socialization, and crate training, as well as, different training tools. We end each class with a small play group to teach proper social skills and body language. At graduation, you will receive a Puppy Basics certificate along with a free evaluation voucher for A Furry Tail Come True doggie daycare (Nazareth or Hellertown location).

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First time owners

Experienced owners having difficulty

Owners looking for a new skill set

Building a better relationship

Owners looking for a fun, rewarding experience


Touch Desensitization

Proper Home Structure

Potty & Crate Training

Problem Solving Common Puppy Behaviors

Proper Play & Socialization

Confidence Building

Requirement: 2nd round of puppy vaccinations

Age: 12 weeks-5 months

Session Length: 1 hour

# of Sessions: 6

Price: $450 *higher end accessories not included

Payment is due on or by the 1st class. No Refunds after 1st class.


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